The Caucasian Ovcharka


The Caucasian Ovcharka, also known as the Caucasian Shepherd Dog, or Caucasian Mountain Dog, is one of Russia's flock guardians related to the family of phenotypically similar breeds spanning across Europe (Kuvasz, Great Pyrenees, etc.). The Caucasian Ovcharka originated over 700 years ago in the Caucasus Mountains area in the Southern states of the former Soviet Union. They were used to protect sheep from predators and to protect the women and children in the villages. Caucasian Ovcharkas develop a strong, loving attachment to their people and are fiercely loyal to them.

The Caucasian is a large, agile, and powerful dog, ranging in size from 80 to 150+ lbs, with a minimum height of 24 1/2 inches with no maximums, though they usually average about 28 inches and sometimes much larger. The Caucasian Ovcharka comes in a variety of coat colours and patterns, all being allowed with the exceptions of solid black and solid brown. Therefore one sees piebald ie. pinto (white with patches), grey, fawn, yellow, brindle, all white and brown with black and white marked face mask. They grow a beautiful thick and lush coat, acceptable in three lengths, medium to long being the most common. There are virtually dozens of regional types of the Caucasian Ovcharka, spanning the vast areas of past and present Russian countries and their geographical neighbours.

Courtland's "Sobahl" - 3 months old

Courtland's "Tumen" - 2 years old

With typical flock guardian temperament, they can be very protective and loyal to what they consider "theirs", be it flock or family. The Caucasian Ovcharka has a considerably high desire to please in comparison to some of the other flock breeds and are proving to be quite trainable. However, sometimes they can be independent and choose not to listen to a command, especially if on the trail of a mouse or interesting smell. Their unique personality and way of charming their owners makes them fun and interesting to live with. Caucasian Ovcharkas are happy dogs and joyfully greet their "family members" whenever they see them. Socialization and obedience training is suggested to maintain a dog that is tolerant of visitors and other dogs. This is particularly apparent with the males, the females tend to be more trusting of visitors and naturally love children (although it is always advisable to supervise children with any breed of dog). Lack of proper social structure or socialization can lead to an overly aggressive dog, be it toward animal or man. 


The Caucasian Ovcharka requires a firm, fair and consistent owner, and are NOT recommended for the faint of heart used to a poodle; nor would they suit a first time dog owner that has no experience handling dogs. With proper training, love and direction from their owners the Caucasian Ovcharka makes a superbly devoted and faithful companion. Due to hundreds of years of natural selection, ie survival of the fittest, Caucasian Ovcharkas are very sturdy, healthy and resilient. Their keen intelligence and adaptability has enabled them to survive harsh living and working conditions.

The Caucasian Ovcharka has quickly gained respect and popularity in many European countries ,and now in North America many people are discovering this intriguing ancient breed for themselves.



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