The Versatile Ovcharka

Tenne walking Gator

Ovcharka pup in charge?

Courtland's "Egrooshka"

Courtland's Maleeka, ... 4 month pup, just taking a rest!

Enjoying the Beach - Courtland's "Kavik"

Hiking in the mountains - Courtland's "Kavik"

Agility - Courtland's "Chy"

Ovcharka "Pillow" - Courtland's "Mishka"

Courtland's "Tumen" - Whew-playing with my rope tie is tiring!!



 Courtland's "Nikita" - working flock guardian


Courtland's "Artek" - with the goat herd


Courtland's "Izakov" at 6 months

Courtland's Buran - Excellent livestock guardian and cat warmer at 7 months

Courtland's Buran

Courtland's Gribi

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